Supernatural will not get Lost! – Thursdays, 9 pm/ET, we shall not be moved!

While Supernatural is currently off the air, having been replaced by the CW's freshman series, Reaper, the Supernatural will not get Lost! campaign is still alive, calling fans to keep spreading the word, sending fanart and emailing the network as well as the media with any Supernatural question, opinion and/or comment you can think of.

Supernatural may currently be out of sight, but it will NOT be out of mind!

To submit fanart to both and, please use the following addresses:

Note: No attachments will be accepted. Please send us a link to a site/LJ/etc. and/or an online image hosting site. Please remember that by submitting your fanart, artists give permission for their creations to be used by other fans, while being given due credit. For more information, click here.

To email the media, please use the following emails:

Michael Ausiello:
Matt Roush:

E! Online:

Kristin Dos Santos:

Entertainment Weekly Magazine Editorial Staff:

Amy Amatangelo:

TV Squad:

Brett Love: To contact Brett Love, click here and leave a comment. Make sure to address the comment to him.

To email the CW, please send an email to

Thursdays, 9 pm/ET – Supernatural shall not be moved! and