Supernatural will not get Lost! – Phase Two

The Supernatural will not get Lost! campaign enters its second phase, in which we are offering fans the opportunity to send us their fanart – whether it be avatars or banners, whatever gets your creative juices flowing – for use in the fandom at large.

The fanart will be posted on both and's Galleries. By submitting your fanart, artists give permission for their creations to be used by other fans, while being given due credit, in a joint effort to spread the word: Supernatural will not get Lost!

This is not a competition! We will accept any fanart, as long as it complies with the following conditions:

1. It has the campaign slogan on it: 'Supernatural will not get Lost!'

2. It includes the series' airing time.

3. It’s 'clean': No pornography, explicit or hinted; no profanity; no attacking the CW and/or any of its officials.

A special section has been created on both and's Galleries for the sole purpose of the campaign. Fanart will be uploaded on a daily basis, while a regular update will be posted on both sites, keeping fans informed.

To submit fanart to both sites, please use the following addresses:

Note: No attachments will be accepted. Please send us a link to a site/LJ/etc. and/or an online image hosting site.

Keep spreading the word: Supernatural will not get Lost! and