The action on ‘Supernatural’

Jared Padelecki on fighting the supernatural.


"Supernatural" hottie Jared Padelecki says fighting ghouls, ghosts and goblins takes a lot out of you. "We're doing our own stunts," claims Padelecki, who co-stars on the show with Jensen Ackles. "And we're doing all sorts of stuff, smashing mirrors, rolling around on the ground. We're fighting and kicking and bleeding out of our eyeballs." He says to handle all the macabre weaponry — daggers, axes, Chinese stars — that they use to fight those evil nuisances "we're kind of just training as we go. But we did do fight training. We worked with a trainer who's a professional fighter who won the World's Strongest Man championship. He bench presses 1,005 pounds. He's a bull/human … and 330 pounds. He's quite intimidating." Since working with the trainer, Padelecki says he now bench presses "about 280." And before? "About 240. I'm a Texas boy."
As much as they love kicking monster butt, Padelecki says he's glad his 14- to18-hour days are "split between dialogue and action, so we don't have to fight too much and we don't have to dialogue too much. It's about eight hours of each."

Source: National Ledger