Exclusive – Q&A with Supernatural Writer and Supervising Producer, Sera Gamble

With the conclusion of what many consider Supernatural’s most powerful season yet, and in anticipation of the series’ fifth (and possibly last) season, we asked Supernatural’s writer and producer, Sera Gamble, if she would be willing to answer some questions and she kindly agreed; the interview was done via email and contains fifth season spoilers aplenty. Exclusive – Q&A with Supernatural Writer and Supervising Producer, Sera Gamble
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Sera Gamble is a writer and supervising producer for The CW series, Supernatural. Previously, she wrote for the brief but critically well-received ABC series, Eyes. She also writes fiction and essays, and runs her own blog,, co-written by Simon Glickman. Gamble is also currently serving as scriptwriter for the movie adaptation of the OEL manga series Miki Falls, and has been attached to Showtime’s in-development sci-fi drama, Syns. With the conclusion of what many consider Supernatural‘s most powerful season yet, and in anticipation of the series’ fifth (and possibly last) season, we asked Sera if she would be willing to answer some questions and she kindly agreed; the interview was done via email and contains fifth season spoilers aplenty.

IMPORTANT: Again, be warned: the Q&A contains fifth season spoilers! If you choose to continue reading (and we quote Sera): “Buckle in.”

First, thank you so much, Sera, for agreeing to answer some questions for us!

At what stage is Season 5? Do you already have written episode(s)? Have you thought about story arcs, sets, music, etc.?

We have the major arc figured out for the season. (And, if need be, for ending the series.) We’re in the midst of writing the first batch of episodes. Episode one is about to shoot.

Aside from Dean and Sam, which other characters will be back for Season 5? Will they all return in the same body?

Bobby’s returning, of course. Chuck comes back in the first episode. We cliffhung Castiel quite ominously, but everyone knows Misha Collins is a series regular for Season 5, so… what can I tell you without giving too much away? How about just: You’ll be seeing Misha. We’re also bringing in Anna and Zachariah. Actually, long story short, the gods smiled on us big time, and we’ve managed to get a ton of guest stars that we’ve wanted for a long time. I won’t give them all away here, but I promise people will be happy. Here’s two: Sam’s dead girlfriend Jessica, and one of our favorite hunters, Rufus.

In pre-Season 4 interviews you talked about introducing “new supernatural species,” which turned out to be the addition of angels. Any similar plans for Season 5?

When it comes to new stuff, the apocalypse is the fruit basket that keeps on giving. I wouldn’t say there’s one new species reveal as integral to the season as angels were to season four. This season is more like one of those cans of nuts you open and all these snakes come springing out at you. We take everything to the next level. Last season you met the angels. This season you meet archangels. And they are a whole ‘nother thing. And then… there’s Lucifer.

In the Judeo-Christianity theology, Uriel is one of the four Archangels. Supernatural not only did not refer to him as such, but also exposed him as a traitor. Do you have any plans for any of the other Archangels to show up, other than to defend the Prophet Chuck unseen?

Yup. Buckle in.

Zachariah said that “God has left the building.” Is he ever coming back (to the show) to check on what his angels have been up to while he’s gone?

Put it to you this way: Characters on the show want to know the same thing.

Dean owes Sam the Biggest “I Told You So” Ever. Will he get a chance to say it? Will Sam have to work on getting Dean’s full trust back?

I think this goes way beyond “I told you so.” And one of the first things Sam realizes is that given the scope of what he’s done, it’s possible he’ll never fully regain his brother’s trust. What happens between the brothers sort of unfolds from there.

Will we see any more evidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Dean or flashbacks/effects from his time in Hell?

At this point, Dean has more recent crap to have PTSD about, don’t you think?

Even though it was said that Lucifer would have more of a “looming presence” rather than a physical appearance, it’s now out there that the show has cast an actor for the role of Lucifer (great choice, btw), what made you decide to change from “looming” to “physically present?” And will we ever see Lucifer’s true form?

We haven’t changed our minds, actually. As with Lilith and the Yellow Eyed Demon, he’s the larger over-arcing threat of the season– the looming threat, if you will.

Will anyone/anything else Sam was hunting while he was on his own during the four months Dean was in Hell turn up?

Could be, if one of the writers comes up with a good pitch for it.

Since Lucifer and a various assortment of other angels (fallen and otherwise) have appeared on the show, will the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride on Supernatural?

File them under new species. Definitely.

Will we see more of the Winchesters/Campbells’ history?

Arguably cooler– we’ll see their future.

Is there any significance to where Dean was buried, and how anonymous his gravesite was, with the old wood cross? Do you think we’re ever going to see a flashback of Sam burying Dean in his pine box there in the inexplicable backwoods of Illinois and then jamming that crazy hacked-up cross into the fresh earth over Dean’s grave? And since Sam and Bobby went through quite a bit of trouble just to plant Dean in the middle of nowhere, and in a place that (as far as we know) had no special significance, not to mention what on earth would have happened if a shopping mall or interstate had suddenly gone up over Dean’s gravesite, will we ever hear or see any references to that moment on the show? If not, do the writers have their own thoughts/back story for that decision? And did Sam ever go back and visit Dean’s grave?

The significance of Dean’s burial is that he was buried at all. If Sam was going to do the proper thing, he’d have burned his brother’s body. But he couldn’t, because he wanted to try to bring him back. The makeshift quality of the gravesite is emblematic of their life. As for all that shopping mall stuff you did there? I do that too sometimes in the writers’ room, get all theoretical, and then Eric or one of the other writers goes “you’re way overthinking it.”

Will Season 5 be the last season, or since Jensen and Jared are contracted for 6 seasons and if season 5 ratings are comparable/better than season 4, does it look promising for a season 6, and will you consider being a part of it?

These things have to do with ratings and network schedules and the kinds of calculus done by people in suits that I don’t begin to understand. We built more momentum than anyone expected last season, so it will be interesting to see what happens this year. We’re definitely the little horror show that could.

What do you think of the CW teaming Supernatural up with The Vampire Diaries, breaking the Smallville/Supernatural night?

I pay almost no attention to schedules. I can’t control them, so for my own sanity I try to ignore them as much as possible.

When the series ends, what item would you like to be able to take with you from the set/writers room/etc.?

Ben Edlund is an insanely good artist, and he draws on index cards with dry erase markers the whole time we’re in the writers’ room. Lots of monsters and tortured screaming old men. So when I go, maybe I’ll try to get a few of those as souvenirs.

Are there any plans for a Supernatural spin-off and/or movie?

You’d have to ask Eric about that one. I haven’t heard anything about it.

What is the current status of “Miki Falls” and “Syns?”

I’m in the midst of a rewrite on “Miki Falls;” “Syns” is still in contention at Showtime.

Again, thank you very much for agreeing to do this Q&A with us!

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