Exclusive – Q&A with Traci Dinwiddie

As yet another beloved character met its Supernatural death, we asked Traci Dinwiddie, who played the now dear, departed psychic, Pamela Barnes, if she’d be willing to answer a few questions; the interview was done via email. Exclusive – Q&A with Traci Dinwiddie
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Known to Supernatural fans as bad-ass psychic Pamela Barnes, Traci Dinwiddie’s acting career runs the gamut from television and movies to theater. Her stage resume includes playing the lead roles in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Macbeth.” She can be seen in “Leo,” “The Notebook” and “Mr. Brooks,” among other movies, and her co-stars have included Joseph Fiennes, Dennis Hopper, Kevin Costner, Demi Moore and William Hurt. She recently earned the Best Actress award in the Beverly Hills Shorts Festival 2009 for her role as ‘Julia’ in “Open Your Eyes.” Dinwiddie will next have a cameo appearance as ‘Madeline’ in “Elektra Luxx,” co-starring Supernatural’s Adrianne Palicki (Jessica Moore).

On the small screen, Dinwiddie has been seen in television movies “3: The Dale Earnhardt Story” and “Taken Away,” among others. She had a recurring role on “Dawson’s Creek” and a co-starring role on “One Tree Hill.” Next, she is set to play psychic Madame Flanagan in The CW hit series, “90210.”

First, we’re so sorry Pamela died in “Death Takes a Holiday”—she was a great character and had wonderful chemistry with Dean, Sam and Bobby—you will be missed!

Aww, thanks. I will miss her too!

How did you get the role as Pamela? Did you audition or were you approached for the role?

Yes, I auditioned for the role. I performed the seance scene on the floor of Robert Ulrich’s office for Kim Manners and Eric Kripke. It was a fairly early morning appointment, and I remember laughing with them, saying “What does a gal do for the rest of the day after having her eyeballs burned out in the mornin’?” ” They laughed and said…”Welcome to the world of ‘Supernatural’.”

Were you a fan of the show before you were cast?

I am a huge blooper vid fan and first heard of Supernatural from their gag reel on YouTube!

Did Eric Kripke give you any input on Pamela’s character, such as who she was prior to us meeting her, her personal history, her connection to Bobby?

It’s really rare for one to receive a lot of back story in television. There just isn’t enough time. It’s our job to come up with little details and nuances that help tell the story. So, Jim and I just locked in on the fact that we were old pals….and honestly, it was just naturally easy to hang with the fellas. Sometimes, you just fit, ya know?

When did you find out that Pamela was doomed? Was that something that you knew when you were originally cast in the role, or something you’ve found out on a later date?

Ah yes, the death call….

Eric was kind enough to call me personally to let me know that Pamela would be sacrificed. Naturally, I felt the sting, but was very happy to hear that he loved me as PB.

Is there more to Pamela’s death than we know? Could her death can be seen as a choice that she made by refusing to seek medical help, and why didn’t Sam call 911!?

I know, I know. What can I tell ya? My job is to serve the script.

And since this is Supernatural: Do you know if there are any current plans for Pamela’s return?

What would YOU like to see happen? Now, you know I couldn’t tell ya, even if I knew!

Tell us about how much fun it must have been to sweep Jim Beaver up off his feet in a hug and grab/pat/admire Jared’s butt—was that scripted or did you improvise? And did you come up with the nickname “Grumpy” for Sam?

It was good to be me. :O)

Jim and I improvised our reunion affection, and the booty pats were scripted. [The nickname was] Also scripted. I would have called him “Sulky Sue.”

How was the experience attending your first Supernatural convention just a few weeks ago?

Wow, those folks were just terrific. I was utterly sick. I really shouldn’t have attended. Still, they welcomed me with such fun-loving curiosity and kindness. I was amazed by the neat pics folks had of me that they made into their own special piece for me to sign. Really creative!

On the other hand, it was very tricky and kind of brought up some personal sadness, as I was holding onto the secret that Pamela Barnes was about to die.

When you got Pamela’s role, did you know anything about the avid fandom? Were you surprised by the reaction Pamela was (and still is) getting?

You guys shocked me silly. I had no clue what I was getting into, and I’m still amazed.

“Heaven and Hell” brought together the three Supernatural female-recurring characters: Ruby, Anna and Pamela. On a set where the main acting interaction is with the male leading actors, how was it to shoot an episode with three powerful female characters?

I really dug it. Gen is a very sweet gal and has one of the most darling pups I’ve ever met. Julie is a trip. She couldn’t stave off the giggles when I had to speak to her with my white eyeballs. Still, I would have loved to interact more with the demon world.

What can you tell us about your 90210 role?

I play Madame Flanagan, yet ANOTHER psychic! She’s more of a fortune teller/Counselor for the Stars, and also happens to be British. (I actually fooled the casting director and producers into believing I was from London! LOL!)

Basically, Tori Spelling has just returned to the show, and her character comes to see me for some special advice as to whether she stays or not…

It’s fun, because the whole show is around the question of whether or not my predictions are valid.
I had a total blast playing the role!

Please do tune in for it on Tuesday, April 21, at 9pm on The CW, or catch the repeat the following day: April 22, 9pm, on The CW!

You’ve worked in theater, TV and movies. Which is your favorite medium?

Oh, it’s impossible for me to just choose one. I must tell you that I love the raw presence of theater, yet [there’s] consistent building of character on TV and the preservation of a meticulously crafted story on film. I want it all!

Are you interested in taking a behind-the-camera role, as a director or as a writer?

Absolutely. I am writing a few screenplays and am looking into taking the AFI Women’s Directing program.

Please tell us about any future projects you’re involved with that you would like fans to know about!

I shall keep you informed! Might have something to send your way very soon! ….wink wink!!

Again, thank you very much for agreeing to do this Q&A with us!
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