Supernatural season 13: See the first look at Michael’s return

Supernatural (2017) Season 13, Episode 2 Episode Name: The Rising Son Air Date: October 19, 2017 Pictured (L-R): Christian Keyes as Michael, Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer and Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester.

At t this point, it’s almost impossible to shock Sam and Dean Winchester. They learned the truth about monsters before they could drive, and from that moment on, they’ve met imaginary friends, fought talking teddy bears, and visited fairy realms. (Well, at least one.) And yet, Supernatural’s season 12 finale managed to throw something new their way: When Lucifer’s son was born, he opened a rift to a world where Sam and Dean never existed and heaven and hell are locked in an eternal war. And that won’t be Sam and Dean’s only shock when they learn that Archangel Michael is alive in this alternate world.

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