E! Online on Supernatural

Kristin Veitch on how close the Supernatural and Smallville boys are, as well as on the faith of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's John Winchester.

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From Watch with Kristin:

From sammysangel: Your column two weeks ago had the interview with Jared and Jensen, and you said to ask about how close they were, so I'm asking! Also, any other scoop on Supernatural?
Oh! Thanks. No, it was a funny story about how close the Supernatural and Smallville boys are. Tom Welling told a funny story: "Supernatural and Smallville actually shoot a block away from each other, and I'm really good friends with Jensen and Jared. Last season, at one point, I actually got off a little bit earlier than they did, and I went down to their set. They weren't there yet, and I knew some of the people on set, because they had worked on Smallville, so I jumped in the backseat of their car, and if you've seen the show, you know they're always driving their car and they're pullin' in to places and getting out of their car. So, I get in the backseat, and they were in a big hurry because they were late getting to set–very unprofessional–and they jumped in the car very quickly 'cause the crew was yelling 'We're already rolling, go, go, go.' And just as they jumped in, I reached over, and I grabbed Jensen, and I pulled him into the backseat, and he didn't know what was going on. He thought it was his stunt double, so he started hittin' me, so I started hittin' him back. And then when he realized who was who, they said 'Action,' so he jumps in the front seat, we tear down this alley, he pulls into this bar and all three of us jumped out, and we all walked into this bar, and as we walked in, the door closed and we heard 'Um…cut?' They didn't know what was goin' on. So, I made an appearance on Supernatural. I believe I was edited out." Too bad, right? I'd pay to see that triple hot-boy rumble!

From redd122: Will we see Papa Winchester on Supernatural this fall?
Supernatural definitely does want Jeffrey Dean Morgan back. Only problem? He's starring in that new Shonda Rhimes show (I'm not one to brag, but that's a little scoop you heard here first from the wonderful, fabulous, unbeatable me!) about female journlists (hmmm, what female journalist could they get on that show as his love interest?). So, I guess he'll be on Super but not all as often as they'd like, since they shoot in Vancouver.