‘Supernatural’ Star Misha Collins Talks Tackling Lucifer and New Charity Campaign

February 18, 2016

“Supernatural’s” Misha Collins may be moonlighting as the devil on the CW hit, but that hasn’t curtailed his good deeds off-screen; the actor has partnered with co-star Jensen Ackles to launch a charitable t-shirt campaign called “You Are Not Alone,” which will fund the newly created SPNFamily Crisis Support Network — a fan-led community support system where trained fans can help other fans deal with depression, self-injury, and addiction.

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Supernatural: How Misha Collins crafted his version of Lucifer, with Mark Pellegrino’s help

February 17, 2016

For Supernatural fans, Mark Pellegrino will always be Lucifer, and that’s why Misha Collins felt so much pressure when the show came to him with the idea that Lucifer would inhabit Castiel’s vessel. “It was very daunting because I think Mark Pellegrino is like the best actor that we’ve had on the show, so for me to have to play the same character that he’s been playing in a similar manner that he’s been playing is a real challenge,” Collins tells EW. “I think it’s an exercise that’s designed to make me look bad,” he adds with a laugh.

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Sam and Dean make Variety’s list of 30 TV relationships their staff loves

February 16, 2016

For 11 seasons, the Winchester brothers have faced every conceivable kind of evil, even going to hell and back for each other. While their codependent relationship has earned them a few lectures from everyone from friends to the devil himself, there’s no denying that Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are strongest when they’re together – and that their complicated, dedicated relationship has fueled the CW hit for more than 200 episodes.


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