Campaign to Bring Jim Beaver Back to Supernatural

March 19, 2014

I’m Becky, staff member for and I miss Bobby Singer!  Do you miss him too?  If so, lets see if we can do something about it!  Lets start a letter campaign to bring Jim Beaver back to Supernatural.

What we need to do is write letters to Jeremy Carver and let him know how much we miss Bobby.  Lets let him know how much we think the return of Bobby will improve Supernatural.

If you want Bobby back, send your letter to

Jeremy Carver
Warner Bros. Studio Plaza
3400 Riverside Drive, 7th Floor
Burbank CA 91505


Remember, be respectful with your letters.  Just let Jeremy know how much you love Bobby and want him back.
For this to be successful, we need to make sure fans all over the world know about this campaign, so please spread the word! #BobbyBackSPN10

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