John Barrowman talks about wanting to be on Supernatural

May 31, 2013

Sci-fi cult favorite John Barrowman talks about wanting to be on Superntural and what kind of role he’d like to play. This is his full Phoenix Comic-Con panel, however if you’d like you can fast forward to apprx. 22:00 in to hear him talk about SPN and a quick bit about Misha Collins.

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Examiner’s Interview with ‘Supernatural’ guest actress Carrie Anne Fleming

May 28, 2013

“Vancouver born actress Carrie Anne Fleming has a busy career including Showtime’s ‘Jenifer,’ ‘Good Luck Chuck,’ ‘Continuum,’ and her upcoming film movie ‘That Burning Feeling.’ Although she has a long filmography, she will always be known to ‘Supernatural’ fans for her role as Bobby Singer’s beloved wife, Karen. Get to know this very talented actress and read about her passion for acting and writing, and what it was like on the set of ‘Supernatural.’”

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Get the new WinchesterBros app for your phone!

May 27, 2013


We have created a new app for our website so you can have all of the latest Supernatural news at your fingertips at all times!  Just click here to download the app to your phone.

When downloading the app via QR code on your iPhone, once loaded choose the option to open it in Safari, then you will be able to add the app to your home screen.

When downloading via email on an android device, you need to change your settings to approve downloads and app installation from a third party app.

The app is now officially in the Google Play Marketplace but not in the Apple App Store.

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Listen to Winchester Radio for our round table discussion of Supernatural’s 8th season

May 25, 2013


Click here to listen to Winchester Radio, and our discussion of Supernatural’s eighth season.


We were joined in our discussion with Danielle from, Clarissa from, and Erin from  We discussed Supernatural’s 8th season and speculated what could happen in the 9th season.

The podcast is available through BlogtalkRadioiTunes (just search for mediablvd) and other feeds. Please check out the site for more information.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Podcast Staff.


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Awesome Castiel shirt available from OtherTees! We have an exclusive discount code and a contest to win a free tee!

May 24, 2013

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OtherTees is selling this awesome Castiel t-shirt for a limited time only.  You can order the shirt by clicking here.  Make sure you use our exclusive discount code WINCHESTERBROS.


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