Amy Gumenick’s Justice for Natalee Holloway to premiere May 9

May 3, 2011

"As a follow-up to the original movie “Natalee Holloway,” the Lifetime Original Movie “Justice for Natalee Holloway” closes in on the ongoing mystery of what exactly happened to the Alabama teenager who in 2005 mysteriously disappeared during her senior class trip to Aruba. Four years after Natalee went missing, Joran van der Sloot (Stephen Amell), one of the last persons to see her alive, continues to torment her grieving mother Beth by providing false information about Natalee’s fate, yet denying any responsibility for what happened to her. Tracy Pollan reprises her role as Beth Holloway." 

Amy Gumenick (young Mary Winchester) is again playing the role of Natalee Holloway.  Premieres Monday, May 9 at 8 pm et/pt on the Lifetime channel.

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Supernatural 6th season finale spoilers from TV Guide

May 2, 2011

"There are two distinct episodes in this two-hour fire-and-brimstone buffet event. For the appetizer, "Let It Bleed," Dean faces his worst nightmare when Lisa and Ben are unexpectedly abducted. In the main course finale, "The Man Who Knew Too Much," the war in Heaven comes to a head. Castiel faces off with Raphael and the walls holding back Sam's memories of Hell crumble. Someone (human? angel? demon?) will die and someone will be transformed. Prepare to gasp, possibly cry and write angry forum entries. Oh, and sorry, John Winchester won't show his face for the finale."

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