100th Episode Celebration

November 30, 2009

In honor of Supernatural's upcoming 100th episode, we are having a Fundraising Celebration! From Dec 1 until the 100th episode airs, we are asking Supernatural fans to go to http://www.firstgiving.com/winchesterbros and donate to A Dog's Life Rescue, a charity officially endorsed by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

A Dog's Life Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization in Los Angeles, California. Their mission is to save the lives of abandoned, abused, or neglected dogs and other animals, by providing shelter, care, and medical attention to homeless animals through adoption, adoption events, and community outreach.

At the end of each month (December, January, February, and March) we will randomly draw a name from those who donated that month and that person will win a Supernatural prize package! Winning name will be drawn after 6 pm est on the last day of each month. Any donations made after 6 pm est, will be counted toward the next month.

On the day that the 100th episode airs, we will draw a name from everyone who has donated since December 1, and that person will win replica of the Impala's license plate that has been personally autographed by Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Aldis Hodge, Richard Speight, Jr, and Traci Dinwiddie.… Read More

Sci-Fi Viewership Analysis

November 30, 2009

Airlock Alpha has an analysis of the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons through the end of November sweeps. The analysis shows viewership among genre shows to be down nearly 17.1 percent.

"Even some of the historically more stable shows have taken hard hits. "Smallville," which surprised The CW with strong ratings last year, has now lost nearly 41 percent of its audience falling from a 2.7/4 to a 1.6/3. Even "Supernatural" has felt the sting, losing more than 26 percent of its audience since losing "Smallville" as a lead-in from a 2.3/3 to a 1.7/3.

Although a lot of people are talking about the new The CW drama "Vampire Diaries," which has been getting the network's highest ratings, it's not performing as strong as "Smallville" did in its Thursday lead-in spot the year before. In fact, the audience for that timeslot is down more than 7 percent since "Vampire Diaries" took over."

On the Audience Loyalty Index rating, Supernatural went down from 2.3/3 [92.0] in 2008-2009 to 1.7/3 [81.0] in 2009-2010.

For the full analysis, click here.

Source: Airlock Alpha.… Read More

Supernatural Conventions DVDs

November 29, 2009

Rogue Events' Asylum 2
9th to 11th May, 2008, Birmingham, UK

Rogue Events

Description: In May 2008 over 800 fans attended the 2nd Supernatural convention in Europe. Attendees arrived in their hundreds to see the stars of Supernatural and enjoy the convention hosted by Rogue Events at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham England.

This special 2 disc DVD has been edited down from two full days of stage talks to bring you the best highlights from the guest stars who appeared over the weekend, each disc features interviews with questions from the audience as well as amusing stories from the guests.




The Hub Productions' All Hell Breaks Loose I
18-19 April, 2009, Kensington, NSW, Australia

The Hub Productions

Description: In April 2009, The Hub Productions did was thought to be the impossible in Australia. For one weekend only, over 1000 fans flocked to the University of New South Wales to attend 'Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Loose.'

This extremely rare convention experience featured stars Jensen Ackles and Jarad Padalecki together for the first time in Australian convention history. The boys were joined by Season 4 star Misha Collins for an extraordinary weekend of autograph signings, photo sessions, in-depth Q&A session and more!

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Collectormania – This Weekend (November 28-29, 2009)

November 29, 2009

Collectormania, a Showmasters convention, is being held this weekend, Saturday-Sunday, November 28-29, 2009 at Olympia 2, Hammersmith Road, London, UK.

Supernatural actors scheduled to attend are Misha Collins, Julie McNiven (Anna Milton) and Katharine Isabelle (Ava Wilson).

Source: Collectormania.

For reports, videos and photos, please check Supernatural-wiki, here.

Disclaimer: WinchesterBros.com and MediaBlvd.com are in no way connected to Showmasters and/or Collectormania.Read More

14 Greatest Format-Breaking SF & Fantasy TV Episodes Ever

November 29, 2009

SFX listed their picks of the 14 Greatest Format-Breaking SF & Fantasy TV Episodes Ever:

12 Supernatural
“Ghostfacers” (2008)

Another appearance by the two geeky ghost-hunters from first season episode “Hell House” was always on the cards, as Harry Spangler (Travis Wester) and Ed Zeddmore (AJ Buckley) were perfect comic relief foils for the Winchesters. And boy, did the writers do it well, bringing them back with a full team of spirit chasers – the eponymous Ghostfacers – to investigate a creepy house using handheld and night vision cameras in a spoof that probably made Most Haunted a little grumpy. The Facers bump into the Winchesters, suffer a loss and witness a frankly chilling birthday party (despite the humour, this has some very scary bits). But it’s the gleeful way the episode breaks the rules that makes it so brilliant, from characters swearing and having the words bleeped out to Dean giving the camera a (pixellated) finger in the opening credits. The Ghostfacers picked up their own fan following after this – it’s not hard to see why.

Source: SFX.… Read More

Steve Carlson at Jus In Bello (Italy, April 2010)

November 29, 2009

Steve Carlson is scheduled to attend Jus In Bello, the Italian Supernatural convention, to take place April 2-4, 2010 at Hilton Rome Airport Hotel, Rome, Italy.

As was already announced, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Jake Abel (Adam Milligan), Traci Dinwiddie (Pamela Barnes), Fredric Lehne (The Yellow-Eyed Demon/Azazel), Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester), Richard Speight Jr. (The Trickster), Charles Malik Whitfield (FBI Agent Victor Henricksen), Stefano Crescentini and David Chevalier (the voices behind Dean and Sam Winchester on the Italian Rai 2 channel) are also scheduled to attend the event.

Jason Manns is scheduled to hold a concert during the convention, on April 3rd.

Source: Jus In Bello.

Disclaimer: WinchesterBros.com and MediaBlvd.com are in no way connected to the convention.Read More

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