Heart Review

March 30, 2007

By John Keegan

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sprntrl217 The key to any script of “Supernatural” is psychological and emotional resonance. Every time a new threat is discovered, it’s not just a matter of taking down a monster or fighting a demon. The inner demons are a lot more powerful and challenging than the physical threats, and this episode is another perfect example of that.
Emmanuelle Vaugier is a gorgeous woman, but despite a massive resume including dozens of movies and several recurring roles on television, she doesn’t have much of a reputation for her acting ability. So for some, her performance in this episode might be a revelation. She managed to sell the idea of Madison’s plight to the very end, which had to have been a challenge.

The plot seemed to gloss over some of the motivations along the way, which could have been a matter of cutting the episode for time. Sam’s attraction to Madison was obvious, but they seemed to get a bit too close too fast. Given her character history, Madison didn’t seem like someone ready to trust so completely. It wasn’t enough of a problem to kill the episode as a whole, but it did seem like the writer’s intentions and needs were a bit more apparent than usual.

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