UPDATED: Misha Collins Interviewed by Larry King (Complete Video Interview)

November 19, 2013

Updated to add:  Click here for Misha’s complete interview with Larry King.


Watch this clip of Misha Collins on Larry King (via ora.tv)

Supernatural star Misha Collins has been interviewed by a TV legend: Larry King. The venerable newsman sat down with the actor, philanthropist and world’s largest media scavenger hunt creator (it’s a fact – check it out in the Guinness Book of World Records) to talk about the show, the Supernatural fandom (it’s “a cult”), his experience with threesomes, the pranks on set, and the “truth” about the cast relationships (we’re guessing they’re all pals).

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Supernatural’s Misha Collins Talks Castiel’s New Challenges: Sleep, Sex, Evading [Spoiler]

October 8, 2013


Leviathans and the apocalypse are about to seem easy compared to Castiel’s newest tribulations in Supernatural‘s Season 9, which premieres tonight at 9/8c on The CW.  For the first time, the angel-turned-lowly human finds himself battling everyday tasks like brushing one’s teeth and managing one’s bladder. But there’s one aspect of life he may not be able to control (hint: it takes place in the bedroom).  Then there are all the fallen angels out for Cas’ head, which means he and the Winchesters may be keeping their distance, star Misha Collins reveals.


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Misha Collins previews Castiel’s purpose & new look on ‘Supernatural’ season 9

October 8, 2013

“At the end of last season on The CW’s Supernatural, having been tricked by Metatron (Curtis Armstrong), his grace stripped from him and left back down on Earth separated from his friends the Winchesters, Castiel (Misha Collins) was having a rough day. But things are only going to get rougher before they get better on season nine, as he is now human and will therefore begin to feel all of the basic needs that too often drive or at least distract the rest of us mere mortals. It might be a bitter pill to swallow for a man who was used to just appearing and disappearing anywhere and any time he wanted.”

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Misha Collins featured on new CW Seed program

August 15, 2013

August 15, 2013 (Burbank, CA) ─ CW Seed, the digital-only studio of The CW Network, launched today with all-new episodes of four web series, including the third season of the critically-acclaimed hit comedy HUSBANDS, and the premiere episodes of the new digital comedies BACKPACKERS, GALLERY MALLORY and THE P.E.T. SQUAD FILES.

GALLERY MALLORY is an animated comedy starring the over-educated and bitterly under-employed Mallory, a stylish, acerbic twenty-something doing the bare minimum working at a Soho art gallery, and the real-life celebrities she encounters. Guest voices this season include NBA star Chris Bosh; Misha Collins (“Supernatural”); Whitney Port (“The Hills,” “The City”); talk show host Maury Povich; and Kat Graham (“The Vampire Diaries”). GALLERY MALLORY is executive produced by Brad Roth and Mark Feldstein of Stun Creative, an LA-based advertising agency/production company whose previous digital credits include “The Single Life” (Conde Nast/Glamour.com), “Jen & Barb Mom Life” (Specific Media), “The Writers Room” (Crackle/Sony) and “Obamourage” (Atom). Roth and Feldstein also won the 2013 Webby for Best Writing for their digital series, “Presidential Clippings.”… Read More

Misha Collins on Castiel’s ‘fish out of water-ness’ & directing ‘Supernatural’

August 6, 2013

“On The CW’s Supernatural, Castiel (Misha Collins) has always been a ‘fish out of water’– and that may never be more true than on the upcoming ninth season in which he has lost all of his angel abilities, on which the Winchesters have come to rely so greatly. But it will also be a chance for Collins himself to dive into a different side of the production pond with his directorial debut on the series.”

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