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Jim Beaver on Winchester Radio – Interview Transcript

March 13, 2008

Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) was featured in an interview on Winchester Radio, March 8, 2008. Below you can find the interview transcript. To listen to the interview, please click here. To download the interview, please visit  Winchester Radio ‘s main page.

A sincere thank you goes out to Kenneth Smith, EyeCon 2008 Promoter, for making the interview possible and to Jim Beaver, for agreeing to be interviewed.

Note: Jim Beaver does talk about whether or not Bobby is in future episodes. Other than that, there are not any spoilers.… Read More

MediaBlvd Magazine Exclusive – The Women of Supernatural Katie Cassidy & Lauren Cohan

November 2, 2007
For season three, the CW television series Supernatural has brought in fresh faces to add to the cast and stir up some trouble. Los Angeles native Katie Cassidy and British actress Lauren Cohan join the cast as Ruby and Bella, respectively. After lessons in gymnastics, piano, guitar, singing and dancing, the 20-year-old Cassidy — daughter of The Partridge Family star David Cassidy — decided to pursue a career in acting. Relatively unknown to American audiences, Cohan is excited to be a part of a show that is already showing in England.
Cassidy and Cohan talk to MediaBlvd Magazine about their new roles on the cult hit show.
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MediaBlvd Magazine Exclusive – Eric Kripke on Supernatural’s New Season

October 31, 2007

The CW television series Supernatural follows Winchester brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), who lost their mother 22 years ago to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. Show Creator/executive producer/writer Eric Kripke talks to MediaBlvd Magazine about the thrilling and terrifying season three journey for the Winchester brothers.

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