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Exclusive interview with Leslie Hopps DeSchutter and exclusive pics from SPN’s The Girl Next Door

October 7, 2011

This week Leslie Hopps DeSchutter jumped in to the Supernatural universe as Amy’s monster mother in Supernatural’s The Girl Next Door.  Leslie was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about her terrifyingly feral role and amazingly good time on the Supernatural set.  She also graciously sent us exclusive candid behind the scenes photos from the episode.  Click here for the interview.

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WinchesterBros Exclusive Interview with Brian Buckley

September 16, 2011


Interview by Vinnie Chaffee  Photography by Becky Gilreath


If you’ve listened to a Brian Buckley Band album, then the man himself is exactly how you picture him: laid back, friendly and open. The most amazing thing about someone as talented as Brian Buckley of the Brian Buckley Band is how absolutely humbled he is by being thrust into the world of Supernatural fandom, so much so that he agreed to an extremely last minute interview with right before his show at Creation Entertainment’s 2011 Salute to Supernatural Vancouver Convention. After being detained by customs and having to rush to the hotel venue for sound check, Buckley still took the time to sit a bit with us and tell us more about himself, his band and his music. Pressed for time, we jumped right in.… Read More

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