Supernatural Spoilers from TVLine

The tragic events of the fall finale will be “a crushing blow to Dean,” who makes it his mission to “do whatever it takes to track down Gadreel and eject him from Sam,” executive producer Jeremy Carver previews. That quest will lead the elder Winchester to make “less savory alliances.” Speaking of partnerships: Gadreel discovers that “getting Metatron’s ultimate approval is probably going to be a harder journey than even what we’ve seen so far.” Elsewhere, Cas, with his grace intact, finds “himself in the angelic fray more than ever and at a point of decision he never considered a few short months ago,” teases Carver. “It’s going to be a little of a be-careful-what-you-wish-for [situation].” Bonus: Look for the return of “a good handful” of “beloved” characters who come in “for all different reasons.”