The End Review

September 30, 2009

By John Keegan

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It’s a fairly common storytelling device within the genre: take a character into the future, show how bad it will turn out to me, and then return the character back into normal time. Not only does it reveal something about the character in terms of his or her reaction to the revelation, but it increases the tension for the audience. Knowing how bad it could get gives the audience a reason to invest in the characters and their attempt to prevent it.
In this case, we don’t really know if this is a true vision of the future. Zachariah has been known to mess with Dean’s head before, and manipulation is the order of the day. Zachariah doesn’t seem sincere even when there’s plenty of reason for him to be sincere. Dean catches on to that pretty quickly, and does his best to make a choice that might change things up a bit. Of course, because Future Dean said that Dean would do exactly that, the audience is left with that familiar tension. Has that future been avoided, or will this just be a much harder road to the same bitter end?
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The End

September 30, 2009

Sam (Jared Padalecki) tells Dean (Jensen Ackles) he wants to rejoin Dean in the battle of the Apocalypse, but Dean tells Sam that they are better off apart. Later, Dean awakens five years in the future in an abandoned city and is attacked by humans who have been infected with a demonic virus that turns humans into Zombies.… Read More

New project for Gabriel Tigerman, ‘The Bannen Way’ (Webseries)

September 29, 2009

Gabriel Tigerman (Andrew "Andy" Gallagher) stars in a new webseries, The Bannen Way, debuting in January, 2010.

Coming from, The Bannen Way "follows Neal Bannen (Mark Gantt), a charming con-man and thief with a police chief for a father (Michael Ironside); a mob boss for an uncle (Robert Forster); and a penchant for fine women – like Madison (Vanessa Marcil), who wants to turn his life around and leave the criminal lifestyle once and for all. All Bannen has to do is complete one more job in order to pay off his debt to a notorious gangster…which just doesn't work out as easily as he'd hoped."

Tigerman will play 'Zeke,' the show’s techno whiz character.

The Bannen Way is currently in production.

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Jensen Ackles for ‘Captain America’ – Now MTV?

September 29, 2009

Jensen Ackles came third (with 10% of the vote) on poll on which actor should cast as Captain America. John Barrowman (Torchwood) and Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood) came first and second, respectively.

Addressing the issue of 'Captain America' during the Vancouver Salute to Supernatural 2009, Ackles said he thinks that attaching him to the role is all a rumour.

Source:, Supernatural Wiki.

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