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WinchesterBros’ Advance Review of Supernatural’s The French Mistake

February 24, 2011

WinchesterBros was delighted to be able to watch this week’s Supernatural episode (6.15), “The French Mistake,” in advance. First, a few general comments—we’ve been looking forward to this meta episode for a while, and early hints, casting news and the CW description just did more to whet the appetite. Though, with that kind of anticipation, particularly for this type of tricky story, there’s always the risk of being disappointed with the reality. No chance of that, “The French Mistake” can comfortably share space with “Hollywood Babylon,” “The Monster at the End of This Book” and “Changing Channels” as a mix of inside jokes, humor, satire, brotherly moments, a little bit of movement for the latter part of the season’s overall arc, a couple unexpected twists and even a few touches of sadness and sentiment. Read More