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2011 - Duck NationClif Kosterman, @bodyguard4JandJ, tweeted a new project for Supernatural fans. Jared and Jensen need more ducks! They want fans to send in rubber ducks with your name and location on it to

Supernatural Films Inc.
8085 Glenwood Drive
Burnaby, B.C.
V3N 5C8

Please put "Gift" and an amount under 5 dollars on the declaration (customs) form. If you do not, your duck will be probably be sent back.
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2010 - 100th Episode Celebration (aiding A Dog's Life Rescue)Please check out the 100th Episode Celebration page for more information.
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2008 - Supernatural Will Not Get Lost (with
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2011 - Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society


In honor of the great director, Kim Manners, is celebrating the 7th season of Supernatural with a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. From August 1 until September 23, 2011, we will be raising money for this important charity. All day on September 23, we will be randomly drawing names from all of those who have donated at least $10, and the winners will win these awesome Supernatural prizes.

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Fundraiser for St Jude Children's Research Hospital


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200 Episodes of Sam and Dean Postcard Project


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SPNFamily Always Keeps Fighting


Supernatural Family keeps fighting! Photos of Supernatural Family doing things that make us feel happy, help us to work through our problems, depression, anxiety. These are things that help us to always keep fighting!

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