Prime time’s hottest hunk is …

Jensen Ackles was voted Prime Time's Prime Hunk on

Six weeks, six networks and more than 60 of prime time's hottest actors duked it out in our sizzling slideshow arena — and you have voted "Supernatural" star Jensen Ackles of the WB as prime time's prime hunk.

Ackles won easily, taking in 32 percent of the vote. Second place went to Fox, with "Prison Break" hottie Wentworth Miller scoring 23 percent, while NBC's Josh Duhamel and "Desperate" pretty boy Jesse Metcalfe of ABC ran neck-and-neck at 16 and 17 percent.

The biggest losers of the bloody battle include Jimmy Smits, who took home zero percent; "House" star Hugh Laurie, who pulled in a mere 1 percent; and — much to everyone's surprise — "24" hunk Keifer Sutherland, who scored a dismal 2 percent of the FOX vote.

Ackles may not be a household name, but he's certainly a star with members. "Jensen Ackles: Those eyes, those lips! If he doesn't win I'm not gonna take it sitting down," wrote member Ron31. But not all members were hot for Ackles. "Jensen is in the lead???? Ugh — he's the most coiffed and made-up-looking one in the bunch," posted member NYCITA.