Our exclusive interview with Amy Gumenick

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Amy Gumenick (Supernatural’s young Mary Winchester) about working on Supernatural as well as her episode of Grimm.





How did you get the part on Grimm?

I auditioned for the role. I had initially auditioned for the pilot and thought it was brilliant. The casting directors Donna Rosenstein and Marlo Tiede are wonderful and cast me in Castle and Ghost Whisperer. It is always a pleasure to work with them. When I got my audition sides, I did not know that I was playing a modern version of Goldilocks or any fairytale character for that matter. It was a great surprise!!


How did it compare to working on Supernatural?

Nothing compares to working on Supernatural!! Truly, that show has spoiled me! But in all honesty, working on Grimm was an incredible experience. I learned so much. The cast and crew are fantastic and very welcoming. It was great to be part of the show’s creation. I wish them the very best and many years of success. They truly deserve it!


Did appearing on Supernatural help prepare you for other genre roles, like the one on Grimm?

Absolutely! Working on Supernatural has given me more than I could ever express. More than anything, it made me want to…ok, beg to do my own stunts!


Your character was basically Goldilocks.  Did you have any special wardrobe or acting direction to make you more like the fairytale character?

There was a lot of discussion about my overall look, particularly in regards to my hair, makeup and wardrobe. Being that it was the first episode after the pilot, there was a lot of experimenting. My costume fitting was a blast! I tried on everything from princess gowns to fur coats to lingerie and fancy jewelry. We had lots of last minute, on set changes and many conversations with the director and producers about what their vision was and how obvious they wanted to make the fairytale aspect of my character.


If/when you comes back to Supernatural as Mary Winchester, what scene(s) does you think would be great to do?  At the Chicago convention you mentioned that you wanted to do Sam or Dean’s birth scene in the Impala–which we think would be awesome!

I would be honored to revisit the role Mary and hope to have the opportunity!! I think that there is still a lot to learn about sam and Dean’s past. The storyline between grandpa Campbell and Mary is one that I would love to continue to explore, as well as the beautiful relationship between John and Mary. Matt Cohen and I have a dream of doing a Young John and Mary Spin-off!! It’d be a blast! In terms of the birth scene…I’m just thankful that the show is not on Showtime or HBO because that could get a little raunchy! But yes, awesome is an understatement!


What has been your favorite scene that you’ve filmed as Mary?

Playing young Mary and working on Supernatural was such a positive experience and impacted me in so many ways. I truly don’t think I could pick a favorite. Every scene brought new challenges and was great fun to film. I love the emotional scenes just as much as the fight scenes! I could argue that each one is my favorite for different reasons.


Mary Winchester is such a huge part of the Supernatural story.  If she could talk to Sam and Dean today, what do you think she would tell them?

There are two things that come to mind without thinking. 1. How proud Mary is of them. 2. How sorry she is for leading them into this life and for leaving them. If Mary could go back in time, their lives would be very different.


Do you watch Supernatural?  And if so, what is your favorite episode that you’re in, and your favorite that you’re not in, and why?

I don’t believe in favorites.:) I think that the writers of Supernatural do an amazing job balancing comedy and drama. They don’t take themselves too seriously, yet create incredible darkness and beautiful depth. I will always cherish my episodes because of the experiences I had filming them. I remember when Eric Kripke told me about this crazy idea he had for an upcoming episode. That episode became “French Mistake!” I thought it was brilliant!


You’ve been to a few Supernatural conventions now.  We, as fans, have such a great time going to conventions and meeting all of our favorite Supernatural actors.  Is it as much fun for you as it is for us?

I think it’s more fun for me! I love meeting the people that make the show possible: the fans!! You guys are without a doubt the most incredible, dedicated, talented, enthusiastic, supportive group of people I have ever met. It is an honor to be part of this amazing fandom. I am constantly awed by all the love! Additionally, it has been wonderful to meet so many of the cast members that I didn’t work with and reconnect with those that I did. That is a rare occurrence, especially when working as a guest star. Some of my closet friends are people that I have met through working on Supernatural and attending conventions. I am beyond grateful.


Do you have any upcoming roles that you can tell us about?

I am currently working on CSI: Miami, which begins filming next week. It is exciting to be working on such a seasoned, classic show. Stay tuned…:)


Thank you Amy for answering our questions!  You can follow Amy on twitter, @amygumenick, and on her Facebook fan page.