Nicki Aycox’s ‘Joy Ride: End of the Line’ news has confirmed the cast for Nicki Aycox's (Meg) new movie, Joy Ride: End of the Line. Source.


Joy Ride: End of the Line Cast Confirmed
Source: 20th Century Fox     November 2, 2007 has confirmed the cast for Fox's Joy Ride: End of the Line, in production for 2008. The cast includes Nick Zano as Bobby, Nicki Aycox as Melissa, Laura Jordan as Kayla, Kyle Schmid as Nik and Mark Gibbon as Rusty Nail.

In the horror-thriller, four young adults en route to Las Vegas for a concert take a lethal side trip, and when their beater of a car breaks down, they make the fatal error of stealing a car belonging to depraved, homicidal, sadistic, maniacal, sociopathic trucker Rusty Nail.

Louis Morneau directs from a script by James Robert Johnston and Bennett Yellin.