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Look out Buffy, there are new ghoul hunters in town…

What is it about?

Two hot looking brothers go on the road to battle monsters, ghosts, what nots. Dean is the rogue, Sam is the responsible one. Umm. That's all I know for now!

Is it any good?

It has the potential of being the next big thing for The WB, but it still needs to be refined. For one, parts of the dialogue sounded awkward because they were clearly there to explain things.

I mean, who says things like: "We were raised like warriors" in our day and age? Unless they're closet Klingons.

But anyhoo – what makes this show enjoyable is Jensen Eckles' character Dean. Maybe it's because I'm a gal and all that, and we kinda dig rogues. Besides, it's such a breath of fresh air to have him play someone besides Lana's boyfriend (shudder).

The chemistry between the brothers is good. Let's hope they will explore this and not just let Supernatural be a "monster of the week" show. Not that it has hurt shows like Smallville any on the WB. Maybe all they need is two hot guys.

Still, the show is a little bit on the cheesy side. I mean, the monsters come in neat little categories, as if an encyclopedia has been written about them (shades of Buffy?). How convenient, especially when in dispatching ghostly nuisances.

Still, I do hope this show sticks around as it's quite fun to watch. It's probably the only fun alien/ghost pilot we have this summer if you tell me. And boy do we need more fun this season!

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