EyeCon at Sea – Cancelled!

EyeCon have postponed EyeCon at Sea, the Supernatural Ocean Cruise Convention, which was scheduled to be held June 11-15, 2009 on the Carnival Fun Ship Destiny, setting sail from Miami, USA to Cozumel, Mexico.

EyeCon Official Announcement: "The EyeCon at Sea event has been cancelled indefinitely. We based the cancellation on the number of emails we received expressing concern over the state of the economy. We simply didn't have enough passengers to support the addition of new celebrities which in effect kept new passengers from signing up, a type of catch 22. Full refunds have been sent to those passengers who have not previously transferred their payments or who have not previously cancelled or failed to make their timed payments. The cruise would have been an amazing experience, but we have decided to stick with creating awesome land based conventions for now. Thanks so much!"

Source: EyeCon at Sea.

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