Jensen Ackles on ‘Ten Inch Hero’

Jensen Ackles has talked to The National Ledger about his new movie, Ten Inch Hero.

From The National Ledger:


"Supernatural's" Jensen Ackles may be a hottie who turns up — a lot — in magazines geared to young ladies, but that doesn't mean he's lost his humility. The actor tells us, "I didn't think they'd give me a chance to do it" when it comes his role in the upcoming independent comedy "10 Inch Hero," in which he plays a guy who works at a submarine sandwich shop.

"It was really cool, actually. I played kind of a punker, a skater punk, with a different-colored Mohawk each day, tattoos, piercings. The guy doesn't have a whole lot of drive. He's not someone who's going to try crush people on the way up," says Ackles with a laugh. It's a far cry from his series character, who hunts ghosts and demons. In fact, Ackles got a kick out of (SET ITAL) not (END ITAL) being recognized. "At lunch one day I went to a store dressed as my character and I was walking down the aisle, and a woman came around the corner, saw me, turned and hurried the other way. That was definitely a response I was not used to."