Con Quest Journals Announces Their New Supernatural John Winchester Journal

Con Quest Journals is excited to launch their John Winchester replica journal and Winchester Brothers Road Map!

Pre-order for shipping the week of June 19th!
Con Quest Journals is unbelievably excited to introduce the officially licensed John Winchester replica journal! They have recreated in detail pages that you have seen in Supernatural episodes and on the original website! The high quality faux leather journal has been custom created with the pockets and “HW” for Henry Winchester on the inside. The journal includes replica pages with John Winchester’s diary entries, sketches and notes. There are additional blank lined pages for you to fill in your own hunting stories.
The journal also includes a packet of 5 news articles to stick in your journal, a Biggerson’s Turducken Slammer ad and the Mystery Spot brochure!

Product Specs:
  • 6″ x 9″ PU (faux) Leather 3 ring binder with 3 inner pockets, HW embossed and pen loop
  • Replica pages with original artwork
  • 40 blank lined pages
  • 5 Newspaper articles including funeral notice, Provenance episode article and House Fire piece
  • Mystery Spot brochure
  • Biggerson’s Turducken ad
Set of 4 ribbons and 2 medals inspired by the military pins shown in John Winchester’s Journal! Each medal and ribbon has a pin backing so you can secure it to the journal.
Product specs:
  • 1-3/8″ Ribbons of polyester with a copper back
  • Zinc alloy medals


What would the road map that Sam and Dean have in the Impala look like? Marked with x’s on the spots they’ve been, notes in the margins, fast scribbles. They have made that for you! Their Winchester Edition Road So Far map has a key with all locations the Winchester brothers have visited in seasons 1 through 11. They have made the front coordinates to coincide with the famous 35-111 that John Winchester left on a journal page for the boys. The 36″ x 24″ map comes folded and you can tuck in your John Winchester Journal or hang it on the wall. Or put it in Baby’s glove box.
Product Specs:
  • 36″ x 24″ 4 color, 2 sided map on 70 lb paper
  • Folded to 9″
  • Comes banded in a polybag