Top Ten Winchester Radio Podcasts since 2007

We have been doing our Winchester Radio podcasts since 2007.  Below are the ten most listened to podcasts of all time (so far).  We’ve had so much fun with our discussions and special guests and look forward to many more.

For a comprehensive list of all of our podcasts, just click here.


  1.  Discussion of Supernatural’s ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’
  2. Special edition with special guest Misha Collins
  3. Exclusive interview with Jensen Ackles
  4. Discussion of No Exit, Usual Suspects, and Crossroad Blues
  5. Chatting with Genevieve Padalecki
  6. ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ with special guest Jim Michaels
  7. Discussion of Supernatural’s ‘Love Hurts’
  8. Discussion of Supernatural’s ‘Reichenbach’
  9. ‘Heartache’ with special guest Liane Balaban
  10. Supernatural’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ with director Guy Bee