Supernatural will not get Lost – New episode next week!

Episode #3.10 will air NEXT WEEK, Thursday, February 7, at 9pm/ET, the second out of the last four episodes of Supernatural scheduled to be released.

As Lost is back on air, Supernatural is up against the ABC mega-hit series as well as CSI repeats, Don't Forget the Lyrics and CelebrityApprentice. We all know that Supernatural is never safe, and in the battle for ratings, every viewer counts!

Don't forget! Supernatural's last episode of the current batch will air on February 21, after which the series will be pulled out of the CW schedule. The time to gain ratings is now!

Watch the series on Thursdays, 9 pm/ET! Even if you tape it and/or (legally!) download it, make sure to watch it while it airs; tell your family, friends and co-workers to do the same; spread the word: Supernatural will not get Lost!

Make yourself heard! Did you like last night's episode? Let the CW know! Email the network at the following address:

Supernatural will not get Lost! and