Winchester Radio – Exclusive podcast interview with Jensen Ackles


“Imagine Dean taking a low dose steroid; it’s starting to effect his emotional state, it’s starting to effect his physical state.”

“You had two different perspectives from two different people…”

“If they can figure out a way to get him to Heaven, that’s definitely a high priority.”

“As of more recent I think the Purgatory story was very heavy handed in shaping the way Dean thinks about his life.”


We are very happy to announce that Jensen Ackles joined us for a recorded Winchester Radio podcast.  Click here to listen to our podcast.

The podcast is available through BlogTalkRadio, iTunes (just search for mediablvd) and other feeds. Please check out the site for more information.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Podcast Staff.

This podcast is hosted by Susan Hall, Becky Gilreath, and Vinnie Chaffee.