TNT cancels ‘Leverage’ (Aldis Hodge co-starred)

December 22, 2012

TNT has canceled ‘Leverage’ after five seasons.  This show was a favorite among Supernatural fans as it starred Aldis Hodge (Supernatural’s Jake Talley), Christian Kane, and Mark Sheppard (Supernatural’s Crowley) was a recurring character.  The series finale will air this Tuesday, Christmas night.  Click here for more information.… Read More

Spoilers for Episode 8.15 – Man’s Best Friend With Benefits

December 17, 2012

– In this episode we will meet 2 characters – James Frampton and Portia.
– James is a handsome Homicide Detective.
– He has become a secret wiccan after working on a case with Sam and Dean
– He has started to have nightmares which involve him murdering people.
– These murders then come true
– Portia is very attractive and is the human version of James’s dog
– James and Portia have become lovers which is against wiccan culture
– Portia enlists the help of Sam and Dean


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