Dark Side of the Moon Review

March 31, 2010

By John Keegan

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 The Brothers Winchester have died more often than most main characters, so while it’s disconcerting, it’s not particularly unusual for them to die again in violent fashion. It does remind the audience that there are plenty of hunters with a bone to pick with the brothers, and it also serves the purpose of sending the boys to the “Supernatural” version of heaven.
I think a lot of those who criticize the depiction of religious concepts on “Supernatural” display an unfortunate level of insecurity in their own beliefs. Fiction doesn’t have to conform to any specific religious interpretation; it only has to be self-consistent. In terms of how God has been portrayed on the show, this is consistent.
Personally, I think it’s a bit of a lost opportunity. Why bring God into the equation, if you’re not going to pull that trigger? I have offered a scenario in the past in which God essentially tells Sam and Dean that the idea is for humanity to find its own path to salvation, along the lines of “God helps those who help themselves”, but this is a bit of a cruel way to do it.
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The 100th Episode Celebration’s March Prize Package Winner + April Prize Package

March 31, 2010

 The winner of the March prize package is:Karmyn Crabb Congratulations!

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100th Episode Celebration – Only a few more hours for a chance to win the March prize package!

March 31, 2010

 March winner name will be randomly drawn today, March 31, 2010 after 6PM EST. Any donations made after 6PM EST will be counted toward April 2010.

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Ghostfacers press release

March 31, 2010

BURBANK, Calif. (March 29, 2010) – “Ghostfacers” – the new original shortform series/brand extension of the hit CW/Warner Bros. Television action-drama SUPERNATURAL – is set to premiere Thursday, April 15, on CWTV.com. The debut of the “Ghostfacers” digital series, starring AJ Buckley and Travis Wester as the world’s greatest self-proclaimed ghost hunters on a quest for the paranormal, coincides with the broadcast of the 100th episode of SUPERNATURAL, starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, on The CW (Thursdays 9:00–10:00 p.m. ET/PT).

The first two episodes will launch on April 15, followed by two additional episodes each Thursday for the next four weeks, for a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is approximately three to four minutes in length. On Monday, June 7, all 10 episodes of “Ghostfacers” will migrate from CWTV.com to TheWB.com.

“Ghostfacers” Links

The CW: http://cwtv.com/
“Ghostfacers” Official Website: http://www.ghostfacers.com
TheWB.com: http://www.thewb.com/
“Supernatural” Official Website: http://cwtv.com/shows/supernatural
“Supernatural” on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/supernatural

“Ghostfacers” follows a team of fearless and sometimes comical “professional” ghost hunters who investigate other-worldly sightings and record their own adventures in documentary-style episodes. In this first installment of the new series, the Ghostfacers team investigates the haunting of a local theatre by the spirit of a young starlet – played by Kelly Carlson (“Nip/Tuck”) – who, according to legend, was murdered in front of her dressing room mirror.… Read More

Mircea Monroe on Showtime’s ‘Episodes’

March 31, 2010

Mircea Monroe (Ghostfacers' new intern Ambyr) has been cast on Showtime upcoming single-camera comedy series Episodes. Monroe will play "a 42-year-old actress who looks 24 after having a lot of work done."

Episodes, about a British couple whose hit UK show is turned into a dumbed-down American sitcom starring Matt LeBlanc, co-stars Claire Forlani, Stephen Mangan, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Thomas Haden Church, and Matt LeBlanc as himself.

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Supernatural Magazine Issue #16 – On Sale April 6

March 31, 2010

 The Official Supernatural Magazine sixteen issue will be released on April 6, 2010.

Supernatural Magazine Issue #16 features an exclusive interview with Jared Padalecki, as well as interviews with Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle) and Alona Tal (Jo Harvelle). The issue also features interviews with Supernatural writer Jeremy Carver and Gattlin Griffith (Jesse Turner).

Other features include interview with Joe Schreiber, author of the upcoming tie-in novel The Unholy Cause, and information about the upcoming spinoff, Ghostfacers.

 A Previews exclusive collector's edition of Supernatural Magazine issue #16 featuring Jensen Ackles is available to buy through comic book stores. For more information, click here (under "Collector's Edition").

The Official Supernatural Magazine is published by Titan Publishing Group.

Supernatural Magazine on Titan Magazines website.
Supernatural Magazine Facebook.… Read More

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