Bedtime Stories Review

November 3, 2007

By John Keegan

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This episode had an unusual structure. Up until the final segment, it was essentially a simple and straightforward horror tale, and one that was fairly average at the end of the day. The final segment, however, took a right turn into the season arc, opening up more interesting avenues for future exploration. … Read More

On Visual Effects

November 3, 2007

Click here for  Washington Post article on visual effects on TV shows, including Supernatural. The article also features the series special effects supervisor, Ivan Hayden.… Read More

Rating news for ‘Bedtime Stories’

November 3, 2007

From "With CSI (18.75 mil) plunging 1.25 mil from its last fresh outing, Grey's (18.76 mil) gained 800K and seems to have barely edged out the crime drama in total viewers this week (as well as the usual demos). The Office (8.4 mil, -580K) and Scrubs (6.68 mil, -350K) each slipped. Supernatural matched last week's 3.28 mil."

From "As for CW, "Smallville" (1.7/5 in 18-49, 4.3 million viewers overall) wasn't as strong as a year ago, but "Supernatural" (1.3/3 in 18-49, 3.3 million viewers overall) was down just a tick year-to-year."… Read More

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