Making the Cut

February 28, 2007

The CW, Promax/BDA and BLINK are teaming up to launch a competition for college students to create a commercial promoting Supernatural. The competition, titled Making the Cut, begins March 1. For more information click here.

Promax & BDA site.

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Tall Tales

February 19, 2007

By John Keegan

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sprntrl2x15If previous episodes haven’t made the connections between “X-Files” and “Supernatural” abundantly clear, this installment should seal the deal. This episode is basically the “Supernatural” version of “Bad Blood”, one of the best comedic episodes of “X-Files” and one of the most beloved in the entire nine season run. Or perhaps it would be more appropriate to point back to “Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’”, at least thematically. Despite the similarities, this is a solid episode that takes the spirit of its ancestors well in hand.
After all, those episodes were less about the absurdity and more about revelation and perception. The same applies to this episode, both in how the brothers see each other through the twisted lens of the Trickster and how the Trickster messes with the brothers directly. As with all things “Supernatural”, even an amusing episode with plenty of hilarious jokes is more about character than anything else.

Very early in the season, Sam and Dean were adrift in the aftermath of the confrontation with the demon. Sam had lost his computer, and Dean had lost the Impala. The restoration of both over the course of the first few episodes was a metaphor for the restoration of their confidence in themselves.

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Rating news for ‘Tall Tales’

February 17, 2007

From "Supernatural (3/19 million) rebounded from last week's season low with a 360,000 upswing."

According to, "At 9 p.m., ABC snared a sweet little 10.7 for Grey’s Anatomy, with CBS gunning a 7.2 for CSI. NBC came in with a combined 2.7 for Scrubs and 30 Rock. Fox took a 1.6 for the second-to-last episode of The O.C. CW scored a 1.4 for Supernatural." and "Overall, ABC took a 6.4 rating/16 share, with 16.8 million total average viewers; CBS, 5.7/14, 18.0 million; NBC, 3.9/10, 8.7 million; Fox, 1.9/5, 4.4 million; CW, 1.7/4, 4.1 million."Read More

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