Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John E. Winchester)

May 25, 2006

 Full Name: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Dath of Birth: April 22, 1966
Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington, USA

Height: 6'1"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Mother: Sandy Thomas

Elementary School: "Ben Franklin".
Junior High School: "Rose Hill".
High School: "Lake Washington".

Originally dreaming of becoming a basketball star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan had pictured himself as a writer and a painter. After doing graphic art in New York, he moved back to Seattle and started a graphic art company. A friend who moved to Los Angeles changed everything. "I drove the U-Haul down and never left," said the actor in an interview with Media Blvd Magazine.

Morgan got the acting bug after playing a killer pimp in Roger Corman’s movie, Dillinger and Capone. Appearing in different shows during the nineties, Morgan had a couple of slow years where he had a few guest-star roles and some movies.

Then the role of John Winchester came up on The WB’s hit series Supernatural (starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki). What started as a possible recurring role had turned into eight solid episodes in Season 1 and carried over into Season 2. Although it is yet to be seen whether John Winchester will make a comeback in Supernatural’s third season, there is no denying the appeal of the “Papa Winchester” as he is affectionately known by the fans.… Read More

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May 16, 2006

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