SPOILERS ‘Supernatural’ penultimate episode: Exclusive First Look! | Ausiello | EW.com

April 30, 2010

SPOILERS "As the end of the world draws near — or at least the end of the season — all hell is breaking loose on Supernatural. In fact, as you’ll see after the jump in an Ausiello Files exclusive sneak peek at the CW hit’s penultimate episode, scheduled to air on Thursday, May 6, at 9 p.m./ET, it isn’t just the Winchester boys who are having a devil of a time…"  Click here to see the clip from next week's episode… Read More

Dean and Death, no more Meg this season

April 15, 2010

When referring to the May sweeps, Michael Ausiello posted that "Exec producer Sera Gamble tells me that Dean’s looming “face-off with Death is hands-down one of my favorite scenes in the history of the show.”"

And Meg (Rachel Miner) will not be returning before the end of the season.

Source: EW.com.… Read More

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