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Phantom Traveler Review

October 4, 2005

By John Keegan

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After three strong episodes to start the series, this episode seems to slip a bit, at least from my point of view. I find that my enjoyment of the series is now firmly rooted in the exploration of Dean, especially since Sam is showing very little in terms of a distinct personality. It might actually be a flaw of the series that the writers will be correcting over time, but I’m not entirely sure that staging Sam as the “straight man” to Dean is the best move.
Dean (Jensen…see, I can remember his name!) is the more dynamic brother, and his scenes have been one of the highlights of the series. As I mentioned before, the elements that are supposed to be scary don’t really bother me, so I’m in it for the disturbing psychological places that these situations take the characters. In this case, it brings out Dean’s fear of flying. That was probably the best part of the episode, but in too many other cases, I didn’t feel like the story was all that interesting.
In general, I did think it was interesting that Dean and Sam were essentially forced to act like terrorists in order to save the passengers on the plane.
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Dead in the Water Review

September 27, 2005

By John Keegan

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I’ve been impressed with this series so far, but the real test of any series will come after the first couple of episodes. The pilot is all about establishing premise, and the second episode is typically taking the ideas from the pilot and reshaping them into an ongoing format. After that, it’s all up in the air. Take “Threshold” as a good example: the first two hours were promising, but the third hour didn’t meet the same standard.
I’m happy to say that “Supernatural” hasn’t had the same problem yet. I think this is because it’s not trying to be something more than it is. Whatever opinions I had about the format before haven’t changed after this episode; if anything, those opinions were solidified. The continuity remains at the character development level, and if the characters themselves still feel like mysteries themselves, that’s all the better.
This episode says a lot about Dean, and I love the way that Jason gets to play with his range. He’s been criticized in the past, and while I certainly understand those criticisms, I can’t help but feel a certain something from the character and Jason’s portrayal.Read More

TV review: Supernatural

September 23, 2005

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TVTracker Review

September 21, 2005

In this good-enough follow-up to the scary pilot, the Dreamboat Brothers pursued the camper-eating Wendigo and Sam's "Carrie" dream made him more determined than ever to find the Thing That Killed The Women In His Life. … Read More

Wendigo Review

September 20, 2005

By John Keegan

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So I think I get the formula for this series. Two relatively hot brothers run around hunting down paranormal legends, running into hot young women of various natures in the process, while doing everything possible to maintain a certain sense of style. I have to say, as impressed as I was with the pilot episode, I was wary of the actual series itself. I wasn’t sure how well the writers would be able to pull it off.

Surprisingly, I think I liked this episode even more than the pilot. Granted, there were a lot of elements lifted from the “X-Files” episodes “Detour” and “Darkness Falls”, but within the framework of this series, it worked rather well. If Mulder or Scully had expressed such a cocky sense of experience when dealing with the experts, it would have come across as disingenuous. In this case, I expected nothing less.

I’m a guy, and so the characters of Sam and Dean needed to be more than hot actors posturing for the camera. While there’s an awful lot of posturing going on, I’m getting the sense that a lot of that is intentional.

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